Just before I purchased Priority Placements in 2003 I was introduced to Keith Traynor & Co by a partner at BDO initially to get the accounts into shape. Since 2002 his company has managed and produced the monthly management accounts to a high standard, providing useful general business advice and for the past 3 years has the responsibility of the audit function. As my own company has grown it is encouraging to see that Keith Traynor & Co has now merged with 2 other firms now known as HTH Accountants. HTH Accountants now provides a number of other valuable services. Their service to date has remained professional, cost-effective and efficient.

Janet Moran
Managing Director
Priority Placements


HTH Accountants and particularly Keith Traynor have provided us with Accounting and Auditing services since 2001. Over the last 7 years the service received has included invaluable business advice as we have grown and expanded to our current market position.  I would highly recommend HTH Accountants to any firm or individual as their approach/services were tailored to suit our business and have grown with us over the years.

Ron Walsh
Manepa Limited


National Centre for Epilepsy.

The National Centre for Epilepsy is a development for the care and assessment of people with epilepsy and related disorders. The Centre will also provide respite for those with learning and cognitive disability as a result of epilepsy. It will also contain research laboratories and medical training facilities.

Although open to the public it is being funded by private investment.

HTH Accountants were appointed accountants and auditors to the project at its’ inception. They have provided us with thoroughly professional advice and service throughout.  In order to manage costs within the budget of the project, HTH have provided us with a service which includes monthly bookkeeping up to year end accounts. Their staff have proven to be easy to interact with and they have constantly met deadlines which are necessary for our financial management.

Brian Geraghty
National Centre for Epilepsy