Tax planning

Whether you pay taxes through the PAYE system, are self employed or a director, professional tax planning is an important part of the management of your own personal income and personal finances.

At HTH Accountants, our objective is to assist our clients mitigate their tax liabilities and ensure that they are made aware of the beneficial taxation opportunities that arise and are available to them.
We focus on our client’s needs and objectives and establish the best taxation structure that is suited to each individual’s requirements.
We have a wealth of knowledge and experience across all heads of taxation including:

• Pension and retirement planning
• Tax efficient remuneration
• Wealth management advice
• Advice on tax-based investments such as the Business Expansion Scheme (BES) and film schemes
• Ensuring continuing compliance with the tax authorities

Wealth Creation

Experience shows that by understanding where you are now and where you are likely to be in five years time you are laying the best possible foundations for your financial future.
We have a simple but ground breaking product called ‘Wealth Tracker’ that:

• Calculates your current wealth/financial situation
• Predicts your future wealth based on your choices
• Creates action steps to achieve this and gives you focus and direction.

A Wealth Tracker Session takes only 2 hours and can be completed over lunch.  The effect of different decisions can be assessed immediately and a picture of your wealth in five years is generated.

Some of our clients say that it is the best two hours that they have spent with us.