Every company, small to medium to enterprise-level, needs to run a payroll. And we know, it’s painful. It’s not a daily task, and you’re never quite sure - between PAYE, PRSI, pensions, and all the other things - if everything is right or not. And that’s before you go anywhere near Emergency Tax!

We can take the pressure off. Indeed, with the PAYE Modernisation Regulations of 2019 in force, and a necessity for real-time reporting, we’ll take it off your hands entirely. Our team of professional accounts will do your payroll accurately, quickly, and without costing you a moment’s thought - it’ll just happen. Imagine how much time that will free up, and how much stress it’ll take off you.

We will:

  • process your payroll depending on your pay cycle, e.g. weekly, fortnightly or monthly
  • send a payroll summary to Revenue each month with relevant PAYE, USC, PRSI deduction reporting
  • apply BIK, Holiday pay and other deductions
  • prepare Payroll Reports for accounting, cash flow and planning purposes
  • manage Director’s Salaries
  • issue payslips to your employees
  • provide a professional, confidential and helpful service