Process refers to the collection of related, structured activities or tasks by people or equipment in which a specific sequence produces a service or product involved in delivering your products and services to your customer.

Simply put, it is identifying the steps you take in your business to bring excellent products and services to your customers and clients.

When you take the time to identify and develop your business process, you have taken the time to start the journey to the standardisation of excellence, saving time and money by increasing efficiency.

Do your customers

  • love the quality of your products?
  • value your service?
  • have a positive purchasing experience?
  • consider coming back again?

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Good processes are made as simple as possible to avoid opportunities for error in execution. Unnecessary complexity makes processes difficult to follow and even more difficult to inspect and control.

Consider the impact on your business if a key member of staff was unable to come to work. Would the business be able to continue without them?
Can you measure it and change it where inefficiencies are detected? Can anyone follow and repeat the simple step by process? Is it growth ready to enable any business expansions?