Infographic: Employing Under-18s in Ireland

  1. In general, the Protection of Young People (Employment) Act 1996 prohibits the employment of children under 16.
  2. The maximum working week for young people aged 16-17 is 40 hours.
  3. The maximum number of hours per day is 8.
  4. Young persons are only permitted to work between 6am and 10pm.
  5. They are not permitted to start work before 6am BUT may work until 11pm IF they have no school the following day.
  6. The MINIMUM wage in Ireland for under 18s is €7.14 per hour (since January 2021).
  7. Young persons must be given a 30 minute break after working 4.5 hours (and 12 hours off in every 24 hours and 2 days in every 7 days).
  8. Employers must be presented with a copy of the young person’s birth certificate prior to commencement of employment and obtain written permission from a parent or guardian.
  9. Employers MUST provide a copy of the Protection of Young People (Employment) Act 1996 to each employee under 18 and post up in a suitable location accessible to staff a copy of the poster issued by the Workplace Relations Commission which outlines the child’s or young person’s rights and entitlements.
  10. A special Code of Practice Concerning the Employment of Young Persons in Licensed Premises is in place governing the employment of 16 and 17 year olds in the Licensed trade and must be signed by employers and parents.